Cian Brassil

About Me

Photography has been my lifelong passion, sparking creativity from my early days making stop motion movies. As I ventured into the world, my love for travel converged with the art of capturing landscapes and cityscapes, mesmerized by their patterns and dramatic lighting.

Self-taught and armed with an iPhone, Nikon DSLR, and DJI Mavic Air 2, I embrace the challenge of storytelling through images. Drawing inspiration from photographers like Billy Dee and Benjamin Hardman, I seek to evoke emotions in every frame I capture.

Beyond my personal fulfillment, I'm driven to use my photography to make a positive impact. Selling prints for charity allows me to channel my passion into supporting causes close to my heart.

Join me on this visual journey, where each photograph carries a story and echoes a deeper meaning. Together, we can create change through the art of light and emotion.